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  • Bali



    Banned from some fancy hotels, offensive to many: durian just might be the Charlie Sheen of the fruit world. Grown primarily throughout southeast Asia, it’s said to be the king of fruits. The easiest way to identify a durian is not its shape but the way it smells! Some people think it’s the taste of heaven, others compare it to the smell of  of a rotting corpse. We love the polarizing reactions. We love durian!

  • Bali



    Like a true Asian toko, you can get some Nasi to go! Nasi goreng means “fried rice” in both Malay and Indonesian language. Nasi goreng was invented as a way to avoid wasting rice. It’s a popular dish in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Suriname and the Netherlands. But to us nasi is just out of this world!

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